About Me

2017-02-10_14.28.00.jpgMy name is Maureen Fastige. I’m almost 50 years old and a skydiver. I was never known for my cooking skills. I knew dinner was ready when my fire alarm went off. Yea, that happened often. So hubby and I would go out to dinner A LOT, which is how I gained 50 pounds. Not only was my health in danger, I almost had to give up skydiving. My regular clothes didn’t fit, and neither did my skydiving suits or gear. I felt my life was never going to be the same ever again. I had to do something SO unlike me. The only way I was going to lose this weight and still enjoy food was to learn how to cook and be in control of what I ate. Who knew I’d fall in love with cooking.

I’ve learned so much along the way. Fresh herbs are my best friends. Toss those can veggies away, and use only fresh. AND presentation can make the meal go from Ok to Wow.

I want to share the recipes and secrets that helped me lose 50 pounds. I am NOT a chef, so ANYONE can make these meals. I don’t post calories or points and I never say diet. These are light, low-fat and portion controlled meals. You can lose weight without being on a diet, and make crowd pleasing meals for the whole family. Let’s do this together!