Air Fryer

If you are not familiar with an Air Fryer – you need to get on the bandwagon. It makes food crispy, with no oil (YES, NO OIL), just a little oil spray will do the trick (and oil spray is calorie free, fat free, and carb free). It cooks the food in a fraction of the time a stove takes. This is the GoWise 8-in-1 Digital XL Air Fryer.

It’s 5.8 quartsl and comes with 6 pieces. It’s a perfect size to “fry” up some french fries, chicken breasts, and my first recipe of a Cornish Hen. You can also bake in it. It has an easy to read touchscreen for temp and time. You can find an Air Fryer is many color and different sizes. If you do get one, and you should really get on, make sure you have spray oil and parchment paper.