Regrow Vegetables and Fruits for FREE

Vegetables and fruits are so expensive – and we usually throw away the parts we don’t eat. Don’t waste these parts. You can regrow new ones FOR FREE from the ones you already have. You can regrow vegetables and fruits from store bought ones or home grown, and from either their roots or their seeds.Continue reading “Regrow Vegetables and Fruits for FREE”

FREE Homemade Stock from Scraps

The words “Free” and “Homemade” and “Scraps” usually don’t go together. “Free” could mean worthless, “Homemade” can be overwhelming, and “Scraps” mean trash. But you CAN make Free Homemade stock with ingredients you will have in your kitchen at some point, and it’s easy to make. The key to FREE is the scraps. Don’t throwContinue reading “FREE Homemade Stock from Scraps”