Lollipop Chicken and Veggies

Watching what you eat is so daunting. There are so many rules, and your restricted on what you eat. Blah, blah, blah. You really have to be a responsible adult, and I hate adulting. You might be restricted on what you eat, but you’re not restricted on HOW you eat. Making a playful plate of food will help you forget you’re actually eating healthy. My Lollipop Chicken and Veggies is so much fun to see and eat, you’ll forget it’s really just chicken and veggies. And dipping your lollipops in fat free honey mustard is fun. Yep – you CAN play with your food! And not feel so responsible.

There really is no recipe for this one. Just some advice from someone who lost 50 pounds. Just like a good marriage, you have to change it up a bit every once and a while. And remember, it’s just food. Relax and have some fun.



I made this for my hubby and I on a Monday night, which tells you that I didn’t spend much time cooking. I just concentrated on the presentation. This would also be a great appetizer display at a party, or a gift to the “Plating Challenged”. My last thought is that it’s OK to have a fun on your diet! You might just enjoy it an “stick” to it. I double-dog dare you to have a little fun!!!

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