Lighted Up Spatchcock Chicken

Spatchcock chicken is the best way to cook a chicken because it cooks evenly. So what is spatchcock? It is when you cut out the backbone of the chicken. Then you turn the chicken breast side up and press down on the breast bone to flatten it. That’s it! To go a step further, loosenContinue reading “Lighted Up Spatchcock Chicken”

Easy Homemade Chicken Stock

I make chicken stock almost every weekend. Impressed? Don’t be. This is the easiest thing to make at home, and you will use it for almost every meal. I bet you have most of the ingredients already in your pantry. The most important ingredient is time. But, if you’re home cleaning or watching a movieContinue reading “Easy Homemade Chicken Stock”

Lollipop Chicken and Veggies

Watching what you eat is so daunting. There are so many rules, and your restricted on what you eat. Blah, blah, blah. You really have to be a responsible adult, and I hate adulting. You might be restricted on what you eat, but you’re not restricted on HOW you eat. Making a playful plate ofContinue reading “Lollipop Chicken and Veggies”

Curry Chicken and Rice

Curry. I love to eat it at restaurants, but (and keep this between us)I’m a little intimidated to make it. Between the unfamiliar ingredients and the unbelievable silky taste, I thought this was a bit beyond my cooking skills – but Hubby asked me to make it, so I tried. Turns out, it’s not so scary,Continue reading “Curry Chicken and Rice”

Inside Out Chicken Parmesan Roll

My Mom is Italian, so I grew up on Chicken Parmesan. I had it a million times and it’s still one of my favs – but let’s make it a bit different just to shake things up a bit. My Inside Out Chicken Parmesan Roll is just as  ooey-gooey and tomato goodness as the original, butContinue reading “Inside Out Chicken Parmesan Roll”

Flavorful Skinless Chicken Legs

Chicken Legs ARE delish, but the skin just ads senseless fat. Some say that’s where there flavor is – well, then they don’t know how to add flavor.  This is my skinless chicken leg recipe that has SO much flavor, it’s almost a crime. Skinless chicken legs (1-2 per person) [note: if you can’t findContinue reading “Flavorful Skinless Chicken Legs”

Tri-fold Chicken

Tri-fold chicken…sounds so fancy, right?. Really, its just chicken over rice, but with a twist. It’s all about the presentation! Thin chicken breasts (one for each person) 1/2 cup flour Pinch salt and pepper 1-2 tablespoons dried italian season 1 teaspoon cumin (optional) 1 teaspoon cayenne (optional) 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil Cooking spray RiceContinue reading “Tri-fold Chicken”

Heart-shaped Chicken Pot Pie

Made my hubby a heart-shaped chicken pot pie just to say I love you. I’m always looking for new ways to make chicken, and this lighter version of a pot pie was the answer. 2 small baking pans (I used heart shaped, but you can use whatever you have OR just make one out ofContinue reading “Heart-shaped Chicken Pot Pie”