Freeze Your Stock Into Perfect Portions

I absolutely hate to waste food – and I hate even more to throw anything away. So, when I have extra homemade stock or soup, I save it as perfect portions in the freezer. This can also be done with all kinds of liquids – sauce, gravy, stew, pesto…

My Free Homemade Stock is just that – FREE – made from scraps (remember, I don’t throw anything away if I can use it). And it has a short shelf life. So if I don’t use it within that time, which is unusual but it happens, I freeze it.

Just pour the cold or room temperature liquid in ice-cube trays and place in the freezer. Then once frozen, put the cubes in a freezer bag. Don’t forget to label and date it.

Now, not only will you have stock whenever needed, you can choose how much or how little you want. If you need just a bit, for when you’re cooking and it looks a bit dry or needs a flavor boost – or a lot, for soup – you can grab as many cubes needed. All you have to do is heat it up on the stove until hot – and bam, you got stock.

Just remember that when you add these frozen cubes to a pot, it will lower the the temperature of the pot – so plan accordingly and increase the time of the cook. For example, if you want to make rice, you usually add the rice to the liquid, simmer and cook. When using frozen cubes of stock, you’ll need to melt the cubes first – then add the rice and simmer from there. Or when you are making veggies and they suddenly look dry – sure, you can add plain water, but that’s boring – just grab a cube and add it to the pot to melt then steam (or you can even melt it in the microwave before you add it to the pot).

Save money, save time, and save your stock!

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