Valentine’s Day Heart-Shaped Salmon

I wanted to make a special Valentine’s day dinner at home for my hubby instead of going out to dinner this year. So I made him heart-shaped Salmon and green beans over rice, with a side of homemade dill Greek yogurt sauce.

This blog is more of an idea I wanted to share and not a recipe (although recipe links are below). You can mix and match the starch, veggie, and protein. The main idea is to get a large heart shape cookie cutter and fill it.

I made the rice in my rice cooker. You can find the recipe here.

I then took a the heart shaped cookie cutter and cut the salmon into a half heart shape. Removed the cookie cutter, wrapped the salmon pieces in parchment paper and baked it. You can find this recipe here. Then I microwaved green beans.

Then after I washed the cookie cutter, I placed it on a plate. Filled it with rice, then placed half of a heart-shaped Salmon and filled the rest of the heart with the green beans. Removed the cookie cutter, repeat for my dish, and served warm.

For the sauce, I mixed a cup of fat free Greek yogurt, tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon, tablespoon of dill, and salt & pepper to taste. I placed a dollop of the dill yogurt sauce on a small plate and placed a lemon slice on top.

I hope this inspires you to make a heart shaped dinner for you love!

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