Strawberry Balsamic Chicken

When you think of dinner, you don’t automatically think strawberries. This recipe will change your mind. It’s sweet and tangy, and fills the room with a fresh and inviting aroma. You can make this sauce for burgers, steak, or pork chops – but I love chicken! 2 chicken breasts 1/2 sliced onion 1 sliced yellowContinue reading “Strawberry Balsamic Chicken”

Rolled Stuffed Chicken

Chicken is so versatile. It’s like a blank canvas for any flavor you want. It’s the best to use to experiment with new recipes and new ways to plate. And I don’t get bored with chicken. It is one of the best meats to eat when watching your weight. This rolled up stuffed chicken notContinue reading “Rolled Stuffed Chicken”

Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders

Did someone say bacon? Yes please! I love anything with bacon, but to keep it light(er), I used Low Sodium Bacon for this recipe. To tell you the truth I like it better. It’s 30% lower in sodium, and if baked, it doesn’t taste greasy. 2 chicken breasts (I used a thin cut) 8 slices of LowContinue reading “Bacon Wrapped Chicken Tenders”