Angel Bites

Watching your weigh doesn’t mean you can’t have dessert. A little bit of heaven every once in awhile is actually a good way to stay on your weight-loss course. If you deny your sweet tooth completely, you are more likely to go cray-cray on sugar and sweets, and make really bad decisions. Instead, try thisContinue reading “Angel Bites”

Individual 4-inch Angel Food Bundt Cake

You CAN have dessert if you are watching your weight. It’s all about the ingredients and portions. Tonight I made individual 4-inch Angel Food Bundt Cake for me and my hubby. Angel food cake mix is fat free, but you can add a LOT of fat and calories without realizing it. So choose your toppingsContinue reading “Individual 4-inch Angel Food Bundt Cake”

Strawberry Balsamic Chicken

When you think of dinner, you don’t automatically think strawberries. This recipe will change your mind. It’s sweet and tangy, and fills the room with a fresh and inviting aroma. You can make this sauce for burgers, steak, or pork chops – but I love chicken! 2 chicken breasts 1/2 sliced onion 1 sliced yellowContinue reading “Strawberry Balsamic Chicken”