Individual Beef Wellingtons

Beef Wellington is a luxury steak meal that can be made at home. The puff pastry makes an amazing presentation, the ingredients taste fresh and earthy, and the dipping sauce is light and aromatic. While Chef Gordon Ramsay did not create the Beef Wellington, he did make it famous. My recipe is a smaller, individualContinue reading “Individual Beef Wellingtons”

Rolled Lasagna Christmas Wreath

Lasagna is a family favorite. I make lasagna every holiday and family get togethers. The ingredients are traditional, with some healthy alternatives. The difference with this recipe is the presentation. Instead of layering the pasta, I roll it up. It tastes the same as layered, but rolled is a prettier presentation (and less messy). YouContinue reading “Rolled Lasagna Christmas Wreath”

Fruit and Cheese Christmas Tree

I can’t remember the last holiday gathering where fruit and cheese wasn’t an appetizer. It’s easy to assemble, can make it ahead of time, and everyone can enjoy it while the meal is cooking. I made this for our family’s Christmas gathering. It’s pretty simple. Just arrange the fruit and cheese in a triangle, andContinue reading “Fruit and Cheese Christmas Tree”

Deviled Eggs Christmas Wreath

Deviled eggs is a easy appetizer that looks and tastes great. It can go with about any holiday or family gathering. I made this Christmas Wreath for the family and it was a win! The recipe has all the traditional ingredients, and with some food coloring, it transforms the normal deviled eggs into a holidayContinue reading “Deviled Eggs Christmas Wreath”

Regrow Vegetables and Fruits for FREE

Vegetables and fruits are so expensive – and we usually throw away the parts we don’t eat. Don’t waste these parts. You can regrow new ones FOR FREE from the ones you already have. You can regrow vegetables and fruits from store bought ones or home grown, and from either their roots or their seeds.Continue reading “Regrow Vegetables and Fruits for FREE”

FREE Homemade Stock from Scraps

The words “Free” and “Homemade” and “Scraps” usually don’t go together. “Free” could mean worthless, “Homemade” can be overwhelming, and “Scraps” mean trash. But you CAN make Free Homemade stock with ingredients you will have in your kitchen at some point, and it’s easy to make. The key to FREE is the scraps. Don’t throwContinue reading “FREE Homemade Stock from Scraps”

Baked Blooming Onion

When I think blooming onion, I think CALORIES. Thousands of calories.  But it’s SO good. So I came up with a recipe that’s a fraction of the calories, and it’s delicious. My Baked Blooming Onion is sweet and spicy, without the oily aftertaste. With just a few ingredients you can make this recipe for aContinue reading “Baked Blooming Onion”

Grilled Cauliflower Steak

Grilling up veggies sounds boring, right? But have you tried grilling up a Cauliflower Steak?  Cauliflower is a blank canvas begging for some flavor. It’s actually really easy, but impressive to serve. This is a low calorie, low fat (depending on your oil and topping choices), delicious veggie side that will be a staple inContinue reading “Grilled Cauliflower Steak”